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If vibing to the upbeat sounds of SLAM 101.1 FM is a part of your daily routine, then by now, you should have heard U-Report Barbados’ call to action for youth across Barbados to become U-Reporters. What makes this ad most captivating is the familiar voice behind the message.

Known for his comedic take to common Barbadian social situations and issues, Akhnaten Burrowes well known for his stage name “Bev” and one of our leading U-Ambassadors is the star behind our message permeating the airwaves. 

This local award winning actor and Founder of Young and Progressive Barbados, is an effervescent young man with a love for acting, motivational speaking and helping others tap into becoming their best self. U-Report Barbados caught up with Akhnaten to find out more about why becoming a U-Reporter is important to him- let’s take a look:

How is U-Report changing the lives of Bajan young people like you?

I see U- Report as a way for all young people to use their voice for good. It provides a way for those who may have a lot to say but do not have the confidence or platform to do so. Through U-Report we are able to share our opinions, ideas and solutions. It gives every youth, regardless of their background or circumstance a chance to have a say on issues they care about.

You use creativity, drama and culture to make your voice heard…. what advice do you have for other young people who have bright ideas and may be too shy to share them?

My advice to any young person out there is to first be true to yourself and never dim your light for anyone. Be bold! Be positive! Be passionate and always remain humble and authentic.

You are the “voice” for U-Report Barbados, how was your experience creating this radio ad and how does it feel to be part of the movement as a U-Ambassador?

I am thrilled to be the “Voice” for U-Report Barbados. I am happy that I can play my part and help through lending my voice on pressing matters while using my platform to mold and shape our youth. I encourage all young persons to sign up to become U-Reporters, the movement is too important to ignore!

How can people stay connected to you?

You can follow me @AkhnatenBurrowes on IG 😄




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