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U-Report Barbados Partners with BCC Student Guild

U-Report Barbados signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Student Guild of the Barbados Community College (BCC) on 18th February 2022.

The signing, which took place at the College on Howell’s Road, St. Michael was attended by Guild President, Charlene Forde, other elected Guild members, the U-Report Project Coordinator, Firhaana Bulbulia and members of the U-Report Steering Committee Cyndi Marshall and Khadija Bakharia.

The signing of the MOU signaled the commitment of both entities to work together for the benefit of students and the positive development of Barbados. Through the partnership, U-Report Barbados and the BCC Student Guild will collaborate on outreach activities to increase awareness on U-Report, encourage students to become U-Reporters and provide opportunities for students to become more involved in issues of national development.

Ashlee Sargeant, student journalist at BCC’s online newspaper, The Wallpaper shared:

“U-Report provides students with the platform to share their thoughts on the pressing issues and monumental events affecting them and their livelihoods. The information is collected via online polls and then subsequently shared with decision-makers. This is done with the hopes of furthering the conversation and aiding in the development of today’s youth.”

Building on several activities which were conducted last year through the efforts of the former Guild President Tyrell Payne, this MOU seeks to formalize the relationship between both entities and is part of U-Report’s ongoing effort to engage student movements. This signing follows the recent MOU signing with the University of the West Indies Guild of Students which took place in October 2021.  

Guild President, Charlene Forde relayed her excitement at joining forces with U-Report Barbados by sharing:

“There are many opportunities students at the college can gain by becoming U-Reporters, through U-Report students can be part of a positive movement for change. We will also selecting students to be U-Ambassadors. This is a special opportunity to gain training and skills and be highlighted as leaders.”

She further shared her commitment to ensuring the long-term success of the partnership by explaining:

“The MOU will be for the duration of the current Guild Executive term, however, however, we will encourage the next elected guild to continue the partnership as it proves to have long-term benefits for the college and the community.”

In the upcoming weeks, U-Report Barbados together with the BCC Guild of Students will host campus outreach activities and share further details on how students can engage with U-Report and become U-Ambassadors. 

Writer: Johnash Tocel

Johnash Tocel is a member of the U-Report Barbados Steering Committee and is the Lead for Research and Poll Development. 

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